Looks Like Lieven Degrauwe | Looks Like Lieven Degrauwe Freelance UX/UI designer from Moorslede, Belgium
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Looks Like what?

I’m Lieven Degrauwe, a 32 year old digital designer from Moorslede, Belgium.  I specialize in User Experience Design (UX)  and User Interface Design (UI).  This comes down to 3 main jobs that fit in the development process of any digital journey:

Wireframing & journey mapping (UX)

What should be where on which screen?  How should elements behave? How should the screen real estate be split up?  What are the limitations of the platform?  Using a sketch tool I create a schematic path which contains every possible customer journey, based on the conversion goals.  I’m used to designing for leading e-commerce platforms such as Salesforce (Demandware), Shopify and Magento, but also custom built platforms.

User Interface Design (UI)

This is where things get real: based on the wireframes, I make the brand look exactly like the strategy requires: sometimes it comes down to selling-selling-selling, sometimes it’s all about branding & inspiring.  Most of the time it’s about finding the perfect balance.  I make you look like you.


To make the design touchable and testable, I use a prototyping tool to make the screen come alive on mobile, tablet and/or desktop.  Behavior (on tap, on hover, …) can be simulated so you get a real good picture of how the result in the end should look like. This prototype is a perfect guide for any front-end developer.  

Looks Like me

It all started with the image

My creative carreer started as a commercial photographer.  Architecture, interior, product, you name it… During these 2 years I was also active as a teacher in photography.

International e-commerce

During the past 7,5 years (and counting) I’ve worked together with Frucon², where I’ve grown to be the senior UX/UI designer for some international brands as Samsonite, Neuhaus Chocolate, Destrooper, Godiva, but I’ve also worked on Gregory, American Tourister, Rolling Luggage, Hartmann…  In assignment of Frucon², I’m currently designing the new webshop for JBC, one of the biggest fashion retailers in Belgium. Next to the online shopping experience, I’m also designing their in-store touchscreens which allows the user to check the assortment and place orders.  Samsonite was awarded the Becommerce award for best cross border site in 2017.  


I’ve followed some intensive & expensive 🙂 mobile-first UX training from Nielsen Norman Group in London, which led to my UX certification with Mobile & Multi-Channel UX Speciality.

Looks Like we need to get in touch!


Looks Like bvba

Kerkhofstraat 19

8890 Moorslede

BTW BE0655 760 283


+32 (0) 485 76 42 24